Ek Balam

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Ek Balam

“La Acrópolis” is the best preserved construction, with 32 meters high it invites you to reach its highest part, and on the way to the top you will find surprising details that are still preserved. “La Fachada de Ek Balam” is on the fourth level, it has an impressive relief with great fangs resembling the mouth of a monster; for the Mayans, this place represents the entrance to the underworld from which you are reborn. In its interior the tomb of a great Mayan lord was found. Something that should not be missed are the famous winged warriors located on the sides of the facade.

https://yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/EkBalam02-450x300.jpgEk Balam

Presently, on the side of one of the doors it is possible to appreciate a small mural that is still slightly colored, which leads us to conclude that more murals must have been made by this ancient civilization.

The first amazing structure you will see once you enter Ek Balam, is a beautifully restored arch which makes you feel welcome to the walled city. Undoubtedly, this should be the best spot for taking a photo at the beginning of your tour.

Most of the constructions have rounded corners and that is why one of the temples is called “Palacio Oval.” It is also possible to visit “El Juego de Pelota” and “Las Pirámides Gemelas.”