Mérida, Yucatán as the site of the Tianguis Turístico offers you the opportunity to show the world the marvels of Yucatan including archaeological zones, cenotes, caverns, beaches, magic towns, haciendas, and her rich cuisine and gastronomic wealth, among other things.

  • Location: Mérida is located in the north of the State of Yucatan.
  • Climate: Warm, humid subtropical, with a rainy season during the summer (from June to October).
  • Average monthly temperature: 26 °C, with May, June and July the hottest months.ón-de-Mérida-3-450x300.jpgDowntown of Mérida, Yucatán

To know the State of Yucatan, your trip begins in Merida, state capital, founded in 1542 and built over the ancient Maya city of T’ho.

Mérida stands out for her ample offering of artistic, cultural and gastronomic offerings. Merida is truly an historic colonial center with a European architectural influence and charming French style. The colorful streets, history, architecture and exquisite cuisine define why you Merida should be amongst your top travel destinations.

Yucatan has much to discover: from the Maya culture, history and archeological sites to its magic towns, natural reserves, cenotes and cuisine rich in scents and flavors … In Yucatan you will find unique experiences for all.

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