Uxmal is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mayan zone. It was appointed as a World Heritage Site due to its monumental urban conception, impressive architecture, artistic ornamentation, and undeniable historical value.

“La Pirámide del Adivino” is the most spectacular building in the archaeological site. It is also known as “Pirámide del Hechicero” or “Pirámide del Enano.” It is one of the few pyramids that was built with a circular or oval base, which agrees with the legend of the dwarf, son of a sorceress, who was born from an egg and built the city in one night.

The remarkable talent of the builders can be appreciated on the crest of “La Casa de las Palomas,” “El Juego de Pelota,” “La Casa de las Tortugas,” “La Gran Pirámide,” “La Plataforma de los Jaguares” among many other constructions. Their unique construction style was clearly influenced by their worship of Chaac, the god of the rain since they were a fundamentally agricultural culture who deemed water as something vital.

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https://yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Uxmal-Cuadrágunlo-de-las-monjas-703x535.jpgCuadrángulo de las Monjas

“El Cuadrángulo de las Monjas” is a huge courtyard surrounded by four buildings, each with numerous rooms like a convent, which characteristic has given it a popular name. The Puuc style prevails in all the constructions. This style is characterized by a first low level, plain with no decorations; and a second level, extremely ornamented with numerous Chaac masks. It is a fascinating place with captivating constructions, full of ornamentation and symbolism.

“El Palacio del Gobernador” is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting buildings of Mayan architecture and all Mesoamerica. It is almost one hundred meters long, by nine meters high. Three autonomous buildings rise on a great platform, connected by vaulted galleries built with the Puuc style.

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