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No. 005 Mescal tasting in Mérida

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Días abierto al público:

Domingo, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado

Horarios en los que se puede disfrutar la experiencia:

15:00 - 22:00

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Actividades importantes de la experiencia:

  • Enjoy mixology and cocktails.
  • Food and Beverages.
  • Live music.

Precio aproximado:

$300 por persona MXN

Meses en los que se puede disfrutar la experiencia:

Todo el año

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"Acervo Mezcalero" is a place for Mescal experts and lovers. It is a Mexican drink par excellence and for demanding palates. It is a place few people know about and it goes unnoticed for tourists, but when you go it becomes a new experience in Yucatán. Its ambiance is a mix of modern-vintage, as it is located in an old house downtown, the roof is a decoration with the rainbow colors, furniture is perfect for the coziness caused by a good mescal, the display and decoration of mescals remind of colonial times, full of colors and colorful bulbs, mescal containers are crystals combining perfectly with the content they have there for your eyes, and has a wall-size drawing of a Mexican Mescal Master, and together with its highly specialized staff, the service, history, and knowledge, they create the perfect combination to receive tourists. Remember Yucatán for its great variety of tourist experiences.

We pay tribute to our land through an extensive collection of agave distillates, we honor our culture sharing with you the knowledge and flavors of a beautiful place downtown Mérida, in this place you will learn and feel the “wow” effect you won’t find elsewhere.

Recommendations for tourists: Complete this experience with a tasting of hot-dogs at “El Malix de la 53” with handmade products of the highest health standards.

It includes a mescal tasting, cocktails, mixology, guide-bartender explanation, snacks, live music, and use of facilities.

It is recommended to make a reservation via Instagram.

Actividades principales

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Duración de la experiencia:

3 horas approximately

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Familias, amigos o parejas

Distancia de Mérida a la experiencia No. 005 Mescal tasting in Mérida

365 días

en Yucatán

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