Privileges from the land of mayab

Flavors that are distinguished due to the mix of spices used in preparation

Travel to southeastern Mexico and enjoy this cuisine which offers a smorgasbord of possibilities.

“You can go to Yucatan before or after the end of the world,” as goes a popular saying. The truth is that just mentioning it makes one imagine a space where the culture of its people and its roots are lost in time and blended with a story starring Gonzalo Guerrero in this ancient Yucatecan land.

Sabores de Yucatán
Cochinita Pibil


The exquisite Yucatecan cuisine is based on a mixture of ingredients used by the ancient Maya, which incorporate favors brought from Europe with later contributions from the Caribbean and Middle East.

Condimentos Yucatecos


Yucatecan cuisine is recognized in Mexico and the world. It is largely a result of its former isolation from the rest of the country, and its constant interaction with Europe, Cuba and New Orleans via its ports.

Principales Ingredientes Yucatecos

Main Ingredients

An exquisite combination of condiments and spices like pumpkin seed, oregano, purple onion, sour orange, achiote, sweet pepper, cilantro, habanero and xcatic peppers, produces famous Yucatecan cuisine.

Principales Platillos Yucatecos

Main Dishes

The menu of our delicious cuisine contains a variety of scents and colors with dishes ranging from Cochinta Pibil, Panuchos, Salbutes, Poc Chuc, Lime soup, to delicious Relleno Negro and Queso Relleno.

Typical Food



“Custom and tradition with a taste of Yucatan”

Papadzules Yucatecos


“Dipped in sauce and moist”

Lime Soup

“A subtle flavor from Yucatan”.


Motulenos Eggs

“A dish full of history and a lot of flavor”

Papadzules Yucatecos

Cochinita (Smoked pork)

“The most well-known food of Yucatan”.

Papadzules Yucatecos

Poc Chuc

“An obligatory dish from Yucatan cuisine”

Papaya Preserves

“An unforgettable taste of traditional Yucatan”


Queso Relleno (Stuffed Cheese)

“An exquisite combination of flavors and textures”

Queso Relleno

Relleno Negro

“Exuberante combinación de especias e ingredientes”

Papadzules Yucatecos


“A traditional flavor to enjoy after the Yucatecan sun goes down”

Papadzules Yucatecos