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Yucatán: The Flavors of the Mayan Gods.
Visiting Yucatán is a journey of colors, smells and flavors, since the mixture of ingredients used for the creation of the many dishes that make up its gastronomy, become the guides of a culinary journey for lovers of good food.

The red onion, tomato and coriander, or condiments and spices such as pumpkin seed, oregano, sweet chili, achiote, xcatic chili, habanero chili, max chili and citrus fruits such as lime and sour orange, give it that unique and special seasoning. to the food of this State, which was once known as "the land of the pheasant and deer."

Yucatecan gastronomy is the result, to a large extent, of its former isolation from the rest of the country and of its constant treatment, through its ports, with Europe, Cuba and New Orleans. Today Yucatecan cuisine continues to establish itself as one of the most varied and emblematic of Mexico, accumulating awards for the quality and flavor of its dishes.

  • Named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Yucatan since 2013.
  • Mérida was designated in 2019 by UNESCO as part of its Creative Cities Network in the gastronomy category.