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Kabáh is located in the municipality of Santa Elena and despite being one of the most extensive areas of the Puuc region, so far only one third of it has been explored. Many of its constructions are still hidden in the jungle, so you will see several mounds around, which are actually pyramids or Mayan buildings.

You can access most of the buildings in the area and see closely their detailed excessive decoration archetypical of the Puuc style.

https://yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/arco-de-kabah_region-ruta-puuc-y-aldeas-mayas-450x300.jpgArco de Kabáh

Nowadays, the famous “Arco de Kabáh” is separated from the rest of the area by the road that takes you to the rest of the Puuc route, which you must cross and go a bit further to get there. On your way you will see a plaque that indicates that “La Gran Pirámide” is in front of you, keep in mind that it has not been uncovered yet. At the end of the road, you will see the Arco and the sacbé that leads to Uxmal, the nearest Mayan city.

The must-sees of this site are: the Codz Poop or “Palacio de los Mascarones” dedicated to the god Chaac, the "Atlantes" sculptures, the various Chultunes used for water collection, “El Templo de las Columnas,” and of course “El Arco,” it is especially important to pay close attention to find the original painting inside its base.