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Pleasure, refinement, and sophistication

A place everyone wants to visit: Yucatán. It is also known as the land of the chosen ones. Home of Mayan emperors, European nobility, endemic aristocracy, and the green gold and the henequen bonanza. It is also the golden door to explore the Mayan World, full of prodigies to discover; full of mysticism, charm, romance, and well-being that is frequently and repeatedly manifested in its architecture, gastronomy, history, tradition, pyramids, haciendas, mansions, and magical towns offering unique and extraordinary experiences for travelers who not only seek to enjoy the life to the fullest, but also wish to collect unrepeatable memories.

Yucatán is the perfect fusion of past and present, in a destination that entices you to enjoy great experiences in ancient Mayan cities and authentic indigenous communities. It is the best place for visiting incredible underground rivers, colorful colonial cities, Biosphere Reserves and Natural Protected Areas, warm beaches, and the majestic “Ciudad Blanca Mérida.” At the same time, it has been recognized for its famous gastronomy, modernity, vibrant commercial life, and technological centers.

Luxury Boutique Hotels & Haciendas.

As a result of this ancestral wealth, hundreds of large houses and magnificent haciendas have been transformed into beautiful and exclusive boutique hotels where luxury and exclusivity are experienced daily. Spending time in these places will stimulate and awaken your senses, given that the architecture, the design, and the service are integrated to offer an intimate and personalized lodging. In each of the tourist regions of Yucatán you can find a range of glamorous boutique hotels that all in all are tourist destinations and attractions which have been recognized for their remarkable effort in providing extraordinary experiences to all of its visitors.

On the outskirts of the city, surrounded by the lowland rainforest, it is easy to find exclusive and imposing haciendas with an air of elegance, each with its own particular architecture, decoration, and style. These emblematic properties date back to the beginning of the 19th century, during the golden age of the henequen which used to be primary haciendas or rest houses for the families of the nobles and "hacendados". Today, some haciendas can be booked privately and all the services are custom-tailored to the client’s preferences. Experiencing such luxury allows you to transport yourself to this splendorous golden age.

Yucatán, México's top destination

Yucatán has become a top destination in México due to its cultural and historical heritage, for its premium quality services, security, quality of life, museums, golf courses, and service providers specialized in giving personalized attention to travelers who seek exclusivity, discretion, and excellence in every aspect of their trip.

The State of Yucatán has been constantly multi-awarded internationally by different institutions and expert tourism organizations, thanks to the extraordinary experience it offers as a destination, for its hotels in Mexican environments with great personality, atmosphere, authenticity, comfort, quiet, sophistication and luxury. Not to mention it offers a magnificent culinary experience for his visitors with many restaurants that rescue and reinvent Yucatan's gastronomy. Some of the most important institutions that have awarded the State are:

  • Mérida as the Best Small City in the World. Condé Nast Traveler.
  • Mérida, México's safest city according to INEGI.
  • KUUK, Best Restaurant and Best Chef by Food and Travel.
  • Kinich, La Tradición, Néctar and Kuuk restaurants are among the best 120 restaurants by Guía México Gastronómico.
  • Yucatán as a State of Peace by agreement of the members of the world Summit of the Nobel Peace Awards 2019.
  • Hacienda Temozón is in the Top 15 of the Hotel Guide in Mexico.
  • Chablé Resort & Spa in the Top 20 Best Resorts in México by Condé Nast Traveler.
  • Mérida #2. Top 20 Best Cities in the World by Condé Nast Traveler.
  • Micaela Mar y Leña Restaurant, Reader's Choice Gourmet recognition.
  • Valladolid as Best Destination to Visit for Travel Awards.
  • Mérida as a Creative City in the category of Gastronomy by UNESCO.
  • Mérida #2. Top 10 friendliest cities in the world by Condé Nast Traveler.
Premium Experiences

In Yucatán we have created unique experiences that guarantee a stay full of excitement and memorable experiences. Exclusivity and tranquility are essential for our distinguished guests. Therefore, we have specialized companies that arrange custom-tailored experiences so visitors can safely enjoy the culture, tradition, and adventure during their visit:

  • Swimming in the crystalline waters of private cenotes.
  • See the sunrise in Chichén Itza.
  • Luxury expedition in Uxmal.
  • Accommodation in exclusive Haciendas.
  • Yucatecan cooking classes with famous chefs in unique and exclusive locations.
  • Gastronomic Tours in the Magical Towns.
  • Fusion dinner in a historical house in Paseo de Montejo.
  • Tour the Yucatán coast on a luxury yacht.
  • Visit the “Parque Nacional Arrecife Alacranes.”
  • Glamping and birding in the Mayan jungle.
  • Dinners paired with Yucatecan cuisine by renowned Yucatecan chefs.
  • Meditation and yoga in exclusive haciendas.
  • Golf at the exclusive Signature category courses.
  • Diving and fishing in the reefs of “Isla Alacranes.”
  • Tours of archaeological zones accompanied by archaeologists and historians.

It is not possible to ignore the sumptuous Yucatecan gastronomy that is has been constantly renewed to offer the travelers a wide and varied selection of traditional and contemporary restaurants that make the state a 100% gastronomic destination. Regional and international chefs have blended their ancestral and modern recipes and techniques in marvelous spaces that exalt the senses to the most. The variety of options is impressive thus international critics have set their eyes on Yucatán to proudly give the highest ratings to such a rich, varied, and complete culinary repertoire.

Art galleries, museums, private cenotes, yachts, sailboats, private tours, and spas complement a range of attractions that satisfy all lofty standards required by all those exclusive and distinguished travelers who indulge themselves in every trip.