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    Following the success of the "365 Days in Yucatan" campaign and the excellent results achieved by tourist service providers, we are excited to introduce "365 Flavors in Yucatan."

    With 2022 heralded as the year of Yucatecan gastronomy, this promotional tourist campaign is designed to showcase the State of Yucatan's exquisite gastronomic offerings. Our aim is for Yucatecan cuisine to be recognized, appreciated, and enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike, positioning Yucatan as a premier gastronomic destination on both national and international stages.

    The campaign highlights Yucatan's vast gastronomic richness, with a diversity of ingredients and authentic recipes that promise a unique culinary experience for every day of the year. Gastronomy in Yucatan is not just about food; it's a celebration of heritage, culture, sustainability, conservation, identity, and an unparalleled experience.