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Labná is one of the most beautiful archeological zones that still preserves most of the buildings' decorations: “El Palacio,” “El Mirador”and, “El Arco” are the most outstanding constructions.

Observing “El Palacio” will utterly amaze you. It is 120 meters long at its base, has 57 rooms on two levels and is covered with decorative ornaments of the Puuc style: columns and a large mask of Chaac can be seen on its facade.Á-5-450x300.jpgLabná

It is thought that the arch was the entrance door to the city, connected through an internal sacbé that led to the Palace.

An unmissable spot for a photo is right in front “El Arco de Labná.” It is beautifully decorated; you can even see in its north face miniatures of Mayan houses and inside its niches the original color of the ornaments that were there are still preserved.

The landscape is complemented by large trees located on the sides of the sacbé, which are perfect for resting under their shade and admiring the place.