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Xcambó, located on the north coast of the State, combines the peacefulness of the beaches of Yucatán with the history of the Mayan culture. It has great buildings, among them “El Templo de la Cruz,” “El Templo de los Sacrificios,” and a great stepped base with a cross on top. It also has ten water springs and a great platform from which you can appreciate a spectacular coastal landscape.

Near the archaeological zone you can find the Xtampú salt pans, these beautiful, pink-watered ponds are alluring for relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze.

https://yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Piramide-de-la-cruz-y-lado-Oeste-de-la-Plaza-Principal-en-Xcambo-450x300.jpgXcambó, “Pirámide de la Cruz”

X’Cambó se localiza a 6 km de Telchac Puerto y a 40 km al noreste de la ciudad de Mérida."