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This is the best adventure tour to visit Izamal Yucatán, Magic Town of México. Put on a helmet, get on your own ATV, speed up, and safely take a thrilling ride through the wonderful streets of the Magic Town of Izamal.

Along the tour, led by an expert local guide, you can enjoy looking at the yellow and white-colored picturesque and elegant city, a lively town, with big houses, picturesque small squares and corners, ideal for strolling and taking amazing pictures.

Get to know and witness the majestic “Convento Franciscano” with the largest atrium in Latin America and the second-largest in the world. Additionally, you can visit the Mayan pyramids, colonial buildings, and artisan workshops, which make the ancient holy city of Izamal a genuine outdoor museum, considered the most important cultural destination in the Mayan World.

There are more options for you to enjoy the abounding scenarios that Yucatán has to offer. Ask for more tours, routes, or ATV services that tour operators offer.

Remember to use the safety equipment for this type of tour and look for services with specialized guides that guarantee the best experiences for visitors.

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Another highly recommended experience is to go on a night walk from Paraíso, a town close to Progreso, to the Mayab jungle until you reach the Misné Balam hacienda so you can listen to its amazing stories.

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