Bird Watching


In Yucatán, while bird watching you can discover, observe, and take excellent pictures in one of the best-preserved natural protected areas with the highest bird record. We are talking about the “Reserva de la Biósfera de Ría Lagartos,” in a specific area called “El Cuyo.”

With almost 400 species of birds, some emblematic as the American Flamingo, Yucatecan “Matraca,” Yucatecan “Perlita,” Mexican “Tijereta Hummingbird,” Yucatecan “Piranga,” among others along with a great diversity of habitats make this site ideal for nature lovers and bird watching.

Furthermore, there are lodging services and restaurants specialized in fish and seafood, in addition to other activities related to nature and of course one of the most beautiful Yucatán beaches with white sand and turquoise seawater, an ideal place for our bird lovers and visitors in general.

We recommend hiring services that include a certified tourist guide in environmental interpretation specialized in bird watching and equipment such as binoculars and bird field guides, which will make this activity a memorable experience.

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During the tour, you will admire the flora, fauna, history, traditions of the area, and the gastronomic variety that you can find in the rural communities.

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