Choco-Story Uxmal


Choco-Story Uxmal is a museum devoted to chocolate that is harvested near this archaeological area. It is located in a hacienda nearby the zone of Uxmal. This project was possible thanks to a private effort and that of experts in the world of chocolate.

It is the first museum in Mexico dedicated to this food, located on seven hectares alongside a 300-hectare cocoa plantation.

They have the same purpose of devoting most of their knowledge to show the world the relevance of the Mayans and the Aztecs. The visitor can learn about the role of the cocoa among the pre-Columbian Mayans either as a currency, tribute, or drink for the nobles.

The tour is enriched with a Chac Chaac ceremony, led by a Mayan priest, and a demonstration room where the elaboration of pre-Hispanic chocolate is explained.

You will be the main guest of the tour where you will taste a natural cocoa drink, witness firsthand the process of elaboration of ceramics and a Mayan ceremony. You will also have the opportunity to be with animals in our Environmental Management Unit for the conservation of Wildlife (UMA) and “refuge” of fauna.

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Choco-Story Uxmal, Museo del Cacao, is located at kilometer 78 of the old Merida-Campeche highway in the hotel zone five minutes away from the archaeological zone.

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