Mayab Road


The Camino del Mayab, 130 kilometers long, is located in the tourist region called Cenotes and Haciendas de Yucatán, an area close to Mérida, the capital of Yucatán. It is a network of beautiful old roads, originally truck tracks, miller roads that also have a historical and cultural value. Among its trails it houses important species of flora and fauna, which will be destined to become conservation areas, keeping natural and cultural riches.

You can enjoy this path either by walking, hiking, or biking. You will go through 13 communities, making your official passport valid, and you will be able to taste the local gastronomy, spend the night in a community or a tourist ranch, and in this way you will be contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in this tourist area, turning the Camino del Mayab into a sustainable tourist product.

This tour is perfect for adventure and nature lovers, as it complies with physical activity, contact with nature, and interaction with the communities. Something you will not regret.

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You will find attractions such as an archaeological zone, the San Marcos cenote, and Kankixché cenote, or Hacienda Yumkú and Hacienda Lepán, among other sites.

365 days

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