Mayan Bath in Río Lagartos


One of the most delightful activities in Río Lagartos is the famous Mayan Bath held on a beach in the “Reserva de la Biósfera Ría Lagartos.” It consists of applying on the skin a white mud extracted from the sand, which contains a high concentration of sulfur, minerals, salts, and algae, giving a soothing sensation on the skin while exfoliating it removing all dead cells.

The Mayans used this mud mainly to paint their faces and bodies in celebrations or battles and also as a natural skin protector.

The experience of the Mayan bath begins with the application of the mud on the whole body (resembling a white diving suit), then you board a boat that will transport you to a different beach, where you will take a bath to rinse off all the mud from your skin.

This tour can be combined with a flamingo watching tour, a visit to Las Coloradas, and a boat ride along the estuary. The services can be hired in Mérida or while you are in Río Lagartos, which is a small port with a fishing tradition where you can find activities for tourists who like nature. We guarantee you will find a wide range of lodging options and an excellent variety of restaurants to taste the delicious gastronomy of the place.

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A highly trained and authorized federal guide leads the tours, to assure this will be both an interesting and educational experience you will not forget. Bath

You can find tours with boat transportation, up to three hours long, to go into the mangrove area and appreciate the local fauna. This type of tour includes a visit to the feeding grounds of the pink flamingo, observation of crocodiles in their natural habitat, the experience of the Mayan bath, as well as visiting and enjoying one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches of Yucatán.

Keep in mind that this experience is solely done to show the biodiversity and importance of the reserve, so all the activities are specially planned so as not to affect the flora and fauna environment.

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