Great Museum of the Mayan World


The “Gran Museo del Mundo Maya” is a modern and avant-garde cultural space considered one of the most important in Latin America. The museum has a magnificent collection of more than 1,160 pieces such as textiles, religious objects, and diverse objects that reflect the current daily life of the Mayans; engravings, books and historical documents, artistic and religious works of the viceroyalty era; important pieces from the pre-Hispanic era that include steles, bas-reliefs, and stone sculptures; pottery vessels, trousseaux, and offerings, in addition to ornaments and sumptuary objects of gold, jade, and shell.

The four permanent exhibition rooms of the “Gran Museo del Mundo Maya” have a highly thematic content to exhibit the archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, and history and customs of the Mayan world in the region.

The architectural conceptualization of the building is based on one of the key mystical elements of the Mayan culture: the ceiba tree. The ceiba tree was used as the core concept for the whole architectural design, including the parking lot, transit warehouses, main reception room, permanent exhibition rooms, temporary exhibition room, multiple-use room, children's room, film projection room, terraces, and gardens.

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