Sisal Springs


“Manantiales de Sisal” is a place where you can see sea birds and contemplate the flora and fauna in the different areas of the mangrove. You can spend time at the beautiful beach of Sisal and visit the first port of Yucatán which is small, picturesque, and historical. You will see its colonial buildings such as “La Aduana,” “El Faro,” and “El Parque de los Cañones.” You can also delight yourself with its excellent gastronomy based on fish and seafood that will make this visit an unforgettable day.

Other activities can add up to this experience, because in Sisal you can also enjoy snorkeling in a freshwater spring, go bird watching, and fishing with artisan techniques, just to mention a few.

We encourage you to take the swamp tour on a “chalana” that is a handcrafted, non-motorized boat and powered by hand. Make sure to book this tour with an accredited federal guide to guarantee the best experience for you.

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In this experience, you will enjoy one of the freshwater springs of the “Reserva Estatal de Sisal.

365 days

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