Wellness and health at Hacienda Sotuta de Peón


The feeling of wellness and health taking place in the Hacienda Viva Sotuta de Peón consists of taking a bath in the "X'temazcalli" where you can have a moment of revitalization of body and soul. On a physical level, the heat produced by the volcanic stones brought from the valley of Tepoztlán detoxes the organism, relaxes the muscles and the nervous system. The sweat generated through this process cleanses the skin and allows cellular renovation. The temazcal bath lets the body find its balance and rest, which on a spiritual level becomes the moment to be in contact with your inner self.

That is why it is said, in a figurative and poetic sense, that the temazcal bath is a place for connecting the sacred with the elements since water, fire, earth, wind, are represented in the volcanic stones, in the water used, in the medicinal plants and flowers used for treatments, as well as in the techniques to move heat or to generate it using branches of “pirul” and other plants.

In the microcosm of the temazcal, the elements that integrate it are a way of communication with the universal conscience and it is also said that whoever lives the experience of the temazcal receives a strong impulse to dialogue with his own heart.

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The experience of temazcal, treatments, and relaxation is done by our expert hands and with the ancestral knowledge of our Mayan roots.

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