The 45th edition of the  Tianguis Turístico México for the first time is in Merida, Yucatan. The most important event of the Mexican tourism sector and business forum based on pre-established dates between buyers and exhibitors.

Yucatán, your host in 2021, invites you to participate in this event where Mexico shows off its wide variety of tourism products, projecting it as a destination of excellence for national and international travel.

The Tianguis Turístico Mérida 2021 will be the event to reactivate the tourism industry,  renewed, efficient, friendly and responsible, and revealing the wonderful and diverse destination that is Yucatan, world of one of the most important civilizations of Mexico, the Mayan culture.

Kukulkán in spiral form that represents a new beginning, reflects the start of a new era in tourism.

The spiral, one of the shapes most frequently seen in everything related to life and transmits the concept of growth, evolution and expansion. It shows us the cyclical nature of evolution, where rhythms repeat and where plants and animals grow according to their cycles. It evokes an archetypical path of growth and transformation, both physical as well as spiritual.

Yucatán, the origin of all and the colors of Mexico. A rebirth of the tourism industry and our destination. Welcome to a new cycle in Mexico!
Participating hotels