Motul, an area of great wealth and history, you can enjoy its great attraction and discover our past, enjoy nature and its rich gastronomy.


Motul owes its name to Zac Mutul, a Maya priest born in the region.

The parish of Motul was initially dedicated to San Juan Bautista, but it was not until many years later that the Virgen del Carmen began to be venerated in the region. The convent of Motul began its construction in 1567 by Fr. Hernando or Fernando de Guevara.

Every year, in the month of July, the “Fiesta Grande” takes place, a celebration dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen, where you can experience the guilds, vaquerías, and many cultural activities that Motul has to offer.

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Motul, an area of great wealth and history, you can enjoy its great attraction and discover our past, enjoy nature and its rich gastronomy.

Must-seesá-Motul-1-703x535.jpgSambulá Cenote
Sambulá Cenote

Closed cenote of crystalline waters inside a grotto, to access the water you will have to descend by a ladder. The water mirror is 30 meters long by 8 meters wide and has a minimum depth of 1 meter and a maximum depth of 8 meters.

Motul Historical Museum

Inside this cultural precinct that is located inside the facilities of the Sambulá cenote you will find handmade crafts, paintings with distinctive of the municipality, a before and after of the history of Motul, the soskil used to make sacks, bags, shoes, etc.án-Pueblos-Mágicos-Motul-scaled-703x535.jpgSan Juan Bautista Church
Mayan weddings

For couples who wish to have their Mayan wedding ritual, this cultural activity takes place in the Sambulá cenote. In this activity, by means of a shaman, they begin the ceremony asking permission to the owner of the cenote as part of the Mayan culture because it is said that each cenote has an owner, who as it is well known is an alux, to whom an offering is left, which among them can be sweets.

San Juan Bautista Church

This church with its red façade is more than 370 years old and over the years several parish priests have passed through it.

Aviles Bullring

Mr. Roque Aviles Aguilar's love of bullfighting encouraged him to inaugurate the bullring in Motul on July 14th. It has 31 boxes and can hold around seven thousand people. of the Mayab
Walkers of the Mayab

If you like dancing, you can enjoy the folklore group directed by maestro Cesar Pech of the Uci commissary, which performs every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Sambulá cenote facilities for a 1 hour show. The folklore group is made up of 9 couples wearing the typical costume of Yucatan, to perform for the spectators.


In this workshop of handicrafts woven with the ancestral henequen fiber, you will learn about handmade products made with 100% Yucatecan raw materials. The artisans work with the agave to take advantage of the fiber contained in its leaves.

Gastronomyán-365-sabores-en-Yucatan-Huevos-Motuleños-2-703x535.jpgMotulean Eggs
Motulean Eggs

If you visit Motul you can't forget to experience the huevos motuleños. About the history of this dish, it is said that Governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto visited the town of Motul, where he was originally from, to take an entourage to visit a nearby cenote, and in an improvised way, the governor and revolutionary leader decided to eat there with his guests.

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