Mérida, Southern Cultural and Culinary Capital City

No. 022 MID Bar Tour

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Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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12:00 - 22:00

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$400 per person MXN

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All year long

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Since long time ago, Mexicans are used to have close relationships with their relatives, friends, and colleagues in meetings, restaurants, homes, and several places. Something that has distinguished these moments are meals and snacks, but above all: drinks.

So, this time, our warm State of Yucatán has a lot of information related to history, traditions, culture, cuisine, and hot weather, extremely hot weather. The latter makes the combination of all these experiences, a special moment.

We invite you to come with us in a tour where you will walk around Mérida’s downtown, a place full of incredible houses. While you listen about the history of the houses in Mérida, you will visit different traditional bars. The best way to taste Yucatecan cuisine is to do it with one of your favorite drinks.

We will have different fun activities during the tour, we will talk about food and the history of each bar. Do not miss this unique experience in our State.

It includes a local tourist guide, transportation from the meeting point, 1 courtesy drink in each bar, and dynamic games along the tour.

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Duration of experience:

5 hours approximately

Suggested for:

Couples and friends

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 022 MID Bar Tour

365 days

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