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No. 077 Honey Tastings

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Days open to the public:

Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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16:00 - 19:00

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Important experience activities:

  • No-sting-Honey tastings
  • Learn about the bees without a sting

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$285 per person MXN

Months in which you can enjoy the experience:

All year long

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Did you know there are lonely bees, bees with no sting, and that some of them are carnivorous? There are more than 20,000 bee species registered all over the world, but when we think about bees, we generally think in just one of them. We frequently listen about the danger we are in due to the quick loss of bees, and the significant role they have in food crops pollination. In this sense, it has become a compulsory and shared responsibility to protect bees; but protecting something we do not know becomes an even harder job.

Miel Nativa offers two tourist experiences in this fascinating world of bees:

Honey tastings with no stings: It is a multi-sensorial experience that explores the flavors of different honey varieties, learn about the medicinal properties and its by-products. Let’s learn, surprise ourselves, and think together about how we can contribute to the ecosystem to honor the job of all those who form part of the development of fair and responsible value chains.

Meet the bees with no sting: In this experience you will learn about the bees with no sting and the heroes that devote their lives to safeguard these little insects.

Let’s deconstruct everything we know about bees and open our eyes into an unknown world. This place is meant for that, to discover the fascinating world of bees and contribute to their survival.

It is recommended to make a reservation by phone call or social media.

This supplier is pet-friendly, contact them to ask for more information.

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Duration of experience:

2 hours approximately

Suggested for:

Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 077 Honey Tastings

365 days

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