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No. 142 Uayma: Viceroyalty Jewel

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  • Tour throughout the church and its surroundings.

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All year long

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There are destinations worthy to travel for, Uayma is a clear example of that, a small village located 9.3 miles away from Valladolid. It stands out due to its impressive and majestic church, unique in all Yucatán for its Viceroyalty features. Taking a picture of it and visiting it will leave you with a pleasant experience.

The Santo Domingo de Guzmán church and former convent will astonish you from any point of view, its façade made with stones removed from nearby archeological sites, its stars decoration, and red-and-blue rosettes, the valances, and diverse unique details, make of it a Viceroyalty architectural heritage in Yucatán that has survived through years. Take your time to observe the two-headed eagle (Austrian symbol of Spanish dominion), the statue of the guardian saint, and many more details. You will find Mudejar symbols, influence, and above all, great ornamental beauty. Inside, white stars and details of roses to honor Virgin Mary, as well as ornamental elements in arches, walls, and doors will make you say many “wows!”.

Built around 1464 under the Franciscan order, as a Marian temple, this church has several interesting historic moments. During the Caste War, it was set on fire as part of the rebel actions, destroying everything. Afterwards it was completely restored in 2005, as part of a rescue organized by civil and governmental organizations who embarked on the task of restoring its original internal and external aspect with accuracy, providing us the opportunity to see it as it was.

Today, you can admire its glory, walk along the church, its great atrium, the courtyard, its sacristy, the choir, its aisles, and the chapel annex. Do not miss the extensive gardens. The experience will fill you with peace and serenity. It works as a temple celebrating masses and sacraments.

We recommend that you go early so that you start the tour on the eastern side of Yucatán, download a map of the Yucatán Peninsula. In a sunny day you will be awed by the contrast of colors in the façade with the blue sky.

Main festivities take place the last week of July and first days in August. On August 4, different sectors get together to honor Santo Domingo Guzmán. During these dates, you can also enjoy vaquerías, fairs, and activities, as a local.

Walk along its streets, you will see Mayan huts, some modern, a mixture of past co-existing with the present. Also visit “La Casa de los Pianos”, a colonial house that works as a hotel. It has high roofs, stone floors, gardens, two pianos…and a marvelous sight to the temple.

Uayma is a quiet and welcoming place, with an excellent location, as it is near Valladolid, magical town full of history and cenotes, as well as archeological sites like Ek Balam and Chichén Itzá.

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2 hours approximately

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Families, friends and couples

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365 days

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