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No. 149 Biking Adventure at Sisal

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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08:00 - 18:00

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Important experience activities:

  • Bike around the Magic Town of Sisal.

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All year long

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Tour around the beautiful port and Magic Town of Sisal riding a bike, to learn about its history, traditions, culture, architecture, and the history of each building.

You will start the activity downtown, where the guide will tell you the history of this place. Afterwards, you will see different murals, representative of the port, which are located in the main streets; they are so colorful and diverse, that you cannot avoid taking a picture of them. Then you will get to the picturesque and representative letters of “SISAL”, where you cannot avoid taking a picture.

After astonishing us with the historic part, the tour continues getting deep into nature, so that you can watch the magnificent landscapes, consisting of region’s flora and fauna. During the tour, enjoy fresh air and the breeze once you are near the estuary. You will go through a pathway full of trees which will make it seem as a green tunnel; from this spot on, it is recommended to be vigilant in order to watch fauna living there, as many times birds and butterflies fly near people, an astounding scene.

This tour has no lack of adventure, while you go on, you will see small connections of both sides of the estuary, which have a slight current, you may go walking or pulling the bike on one side, or if you are an adventurer, you can ride the bike, you just have to get certain speed to cross easily.

Once inside the estuary, you will find a mangrove area making contrast with the beautiful color of pink flamingos living there. You can locate them by their particular sound. At the end, and with a previous reservation, you can taste a delicious dish of fresh fish and seafood.

It includes bicycle, tourist guide, water. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, cap, sunglasses, repellent, and biodegradable sunscreen.

Actividades principales

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Duration of experience:

3 hours approximately

Suggested for:

Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 149 Biking Adventure at Sisal

365 days

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