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No. 181 Coqui La Perfumería Residence & Spa in Valladolid

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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11:00 - 20:00

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  • Walk around the facilities

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All year long

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Visit Coqui Coqui La Perfumería Residence & Spa, a unique and sensorial experience through scents and flavors from Yucatán. This place is in the heart of Valladolid, at Calzada de Los Frailes, a destination characterized for being quiet and colorful.

Coqui Coqui La Perfumería is a tour that involves all senses. You will have the opportunity of visiting a boutique where you can find a great collection of perfumes inspired in Yucatán, which will take you to landscapes, flora, vegetation, and lifestyle of the beautiful Yucatán Peninsula. When entering, you may try the fresh and authentic perfumes, with a detailed explanation of the notes and inspiration to create them. After trying the fragrances, continue the tour to Coqui Coqui hall of Flavors, in this place you may taste the lines of honey, chocolate, and Melipona honey, a gift from the precious Mayan bee. The Melipona bee is a species that do not have a sting, it is characterized for being harvested in Mayan villages since hundreds of years ago, due to the considerable number of benefits and medicinal properties their honey has.

Delight with its incredible areas, the decoration of this residence will take you to the past, it has sophisticated facilities to enjoy, as well as a spa service, which you can book and enjoy amenities and detailed services that will surely make a different and unforgettable experience.

It includes guide, tour, scent sampling, and honey and chocolate tasting. It is recommended for people who like fragrances and history.

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Duration of experience:

30 minutes approximately

Suggested for:

Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 181 Coqui La Perfumería Residence & Spa in Valladolid

365 days

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