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No. 193 Day Pass at Sabacché Hacienda

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Sunday, Saturday

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09:00 - 17:30

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  • Use of Hacienda’s facilities
  • Entertainment activities at the Hacienda

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All year long

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Sabacché Hacienda has been present in three great stages of history, the pre-Hispanic era, the henequen times, and the 20th century. This hacienda was a job center devoted to cattle and the famous green gold: henequen. It has the objective of rescuing traditions through history and the lifestyle of ancestors, as well as the firm belief of preserving many of the region’s endemic species.

Explore these huge structures through which you can travel through time and be in these spaces full of life and history. Part of Sabacché’s mission is the preservation and care of the environment. It is why they have taken the task of rescuing endemic species to preserve regional vegetation. Here you will see species you do not find in daily life.

Prepare for a historic tour with more than 16 interest points, where you will have an approach to the cultural and historical richness of the Hacienda. Come and see the cenote’s greatness, or in Mayan language dz’onot and visit the underworld of the Mayan culture they have called “Xibalbá”. Delight your senses and clean your soul in the fresh and crystalline waters of Sabacché Cenote.

Apart of the tour and swimming in the cenote, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch, a dessert and natural water. Realign with this beautiful place while you learn and enjoy the view provided by the Hacienda.

It includes use of facilities and activities within the Hacienda. It is recommended to bring towels and biodegradable repellent and sunscreen.

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Duration of experience:

8 hours approximately

Suggested for:

Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 193 Day Pass at Sabacché Hacienda

365 days

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