Mérida, Southern Cultural and Culinary Capital City

No. 198 Romantic and Peregrina Trova Promenade

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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18:30 - 19:45

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  • Tour around historic downtown

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All year long

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The Romantic and Peregrina Trova Promenade consists of a walking tour visiting six specific sites in Mérida’s historic downtown, to learn about the love story between the former governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto and the foreign journalist Alma Reed, who, when visited the city fell in love with the Yucatecan governor. The product of this peculiar love, and with a story similar to the one of Romeo and Juliet, gave origin to the beautiful trova song called “Peregrina”.

During this tour you will hear about the anecdotes, intimate moments, letters they exchanged during the few time they were together, as well as the love thoughts that have transcended time and history, in which you can perceive tragedy, death, and how they are still together to eternity. Currently, their bodies rest one in front of the other at Mérida’s general cemetery, a place that gathers distinguished deceased who in life enhanced social, political, religious, scientific, and cultural development in the State.

You will visit landmark buildings and places where history took life, such as Peón Contreras Theatre, the Gran Hotel, the Main Square, the famous Heladería Colón, among others. You will also hear Yucatecan trova songs, the musical treasure of Yucatán.

Discover how much of history can be product of an intense romance and prevail eternally in a song, both had the dream of fighting against exploitation and injustice which in those times dominated the life of the Indigenous majority.

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1 hour and 15 minutes approximately

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Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 198 Romantic and Peregrina Trova Promenade

365 days

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