Puuc Route and Mayan Villages

No. 251 Tour in the Mayan Cornfield of Yaxunah

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Days open to the public:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Schedules in which you can enjoy the experience:

09:00 - 15:00

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Important experience activities:

  • Guided tour in the cornfield
  • Beverages tasting

Approximate price:

$350 MXN

Months in which you can enjoy the experience:

All year long

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Enjoy the opportunity to learn about the corn production process, one of the most important foods for the Mayan people and which represents the soul of the people. You will visit a sustainable cornfield that seeks to increase the efficiency of soil resources, you will learn about tasks related to cleaning, sowing, and harvesting, as well as about the challenges producers must face related to environmental issues. You will have the incredible experience of tasting beverages prepared with corn and will learn to prepare them; all the process from the raw material, as well as other beverages made for special moments. The work in the cornfields is essential for Yaxunah’s community and you can help to preserve their customs.

Actividades principales

Distance from Mérida to experience:


Duration of experience:

2 hours approximately

Suggested for:

Families, friends and couplues

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 251 Tour in the Mayan Cornfield of Yaxunah

365 days

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