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No. 353 Tequila Tasting at Chablé Resort

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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16:00 - 21:00

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  • Tequila tasting

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All year long

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Chablé Yucatán recovers the aristocracy splendor and the basis of Mayan wellness. It is true: luxury is attractive, like beauty, knowledge, and health. But today luxury does not mean being surrounded by fine objects: it is a way of watching the world, living it in harmony, of receiving from the door of senses the world’s present. Luxury means living authentic experiences, recovering those comfort and magnificent peaks without forgetting the physical and spiritual wellness, the certainty of our place in the universe and in our own awareness. Luxury is not a visit; it is a way of living. Chablé Yucatán has one of the most impressive tequila collections in Mexico, with more than 3,700 unique bottles. Let yourself go in an indulgence trip and experience the unparalleled flavors of the most exclusive, distinguished, and fine tequilas of our country, which together with unique ingredients and matches, keep agave’s soul alive.

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Duration of experience:

2 hours approximately

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Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 353 Tequila Tasting at Chablé Resort

365 days

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