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No. 363 Tekax and its murals

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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  • Tour along murals

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All year long

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Tekax, located in the south of Yucatán, is a thriving tourist destination which every day offers more activities, led by a tourist guide or by simply walking you will learn a new tourist cultural attraction known as “El Callejón”.

During this incredible tour, you will visit “El Callejón”, where you can appreciate a vibrant collection of 10 murals from diverse painting styles, which form part of this amazing outdoors museum, and are a must-do cultural activity. While you walk, you can appreciate and take pictures of the murals, each one shows history, festivities and customs from the city, for example, the famous composer “Ricardo Palmerín Pavía”, the mysterious and interesting legend of “Waay kot”, the celebration of “San Diego de Alcalá” with its bustle and attractiveness, as well as the flora and fauna from the region represented with jaguars, birds, and trees like the Sacred Kapok Tree.

Undoubtedly, this experience will make you travel through time, and will make your imagination fly, as well as it will wake your senses up by means of art and colors, to make of your visit to the Sultana de la Sierra, something unique and unforgettable.

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1 hour approximately

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Families, friends and couples

Distance from Mérida to experience No. 363 Tekax and its murals

365 days

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