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No. 098 Octopus burger at El Cuyo

Places close to the experience where you can spend the night:

El Cuyo

Days open to the public:

Domingo, Lunes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado

Schedules in which you can enjoy the experience:

19:00 - 23:00

Contact number to make reservations:

Approximate price:

$200 MXN

Months in which you can enjoy the experience:

Enero, Febrero, Marzo, Abril, Agosto, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre, Diciembre

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Trying to take advantage of the local products that the sea offers them, El Bucanero, located in El Cuyo, includes seafood burgers on their menu. The octopus burger was called "land and sea burger" because it's a combination of fried octopus and beef. They decided to make this innovation to satisfy the tastes of their diners. In the state of Yucatan, the Mayan octopus is available from August to December, and it's during these months that they take advantage of the catch to offer the burger. However, thanks to the fact that they store part of this product, they can offer the burger until April. Visit El Bucanero and try this delicious burger that combines octopus and beef, a sensation of flavours that harmonize with each other; combined with homemade oven-baked bread, it will make the taste a great experience.

Details of interest:

Includes: Food and drinks service included.
Recommendations for tourists: It is recommended to try this burger from August to December.
Minimum / maximum cap: 2 people / 30 people.
Payment methods: Cash, transfers, and bank cards.
Recommended for: Families and couples.
Contact: Facebook.


Distance from Mérida to experience:


Duration of experience:

2 horas approximately

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