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No. 239 Honey Tasting at Miel Nativa

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Martes, Miércoles

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17:00 - 19:00

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$450 MXN

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Todo el año

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There are over 20,000 registered species of bees in the world, but when we think of bees, we usually refer to one type of them. We often hear about the danger we face due to the rapid loss of bees and the important role they play in pollinating food crops. In this sense, protecting bees has become an obligatory and shared responsibility. However, protecting something we do not know becomes an even more complex task. That is why Miel Nativa offers two tourist experiences to introduce you to this fascinating world of bees. One is related to gastronomy, where you can have a honey tasting of stingless bees. It provides a multisensory experience to taste different varieties of honey, learn about their medicinal properties and derivatives. Learn, be amazed, and reflect with your companions on how you can contribute to the ecosystem to honour the work of everyone involved in building fair and responsible value chains. On the other hand, they offer an experience to get to know stingless bees up close and the heroes dedicated to safeguarding these small insects. It is a place to deconstruct everything we think we know about bees and open our eyes to a not-so-well-known world. This space is for discovering the fascinating world of bees and contributing to their survival.

Details of interest:

Includes: Tasting of at least six varieties of honey, bread or seasonal fruit, Apis Mellifera honey, bilingual explanation if necessary.
Recommendations for tourists: Make a reservation in advance through Airbnb Experiences or at the Miel Nativa establishment.
Minimum/maximum capacity: 2/15 people.
Payment methods: Cash and credit cards.
Recommended for: Families, couples, and people with disabilities.
Contact: Facebook, Instagram, Sitio web, Youtube.
Email: info@mielnativa.com

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Duration of experience:

2 horas approximately

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