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No. 321 Pumpkin Seed with Bee Honey from Sinanché

Places close to the experience where you can spend the night:

San Crisanto

Days open to the public:

Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado

Schedules in which you can enjoy the experience:

07:00 - 21:00

Contact number to make reservations:

Approximate price:

$15 MXN

Months in which you can enjoy the experience:

Todo el año

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This 100% artisanal sweet is made in the town of Sinanché, located a few kilometres from San Crisanto Beach. It is a delightful treat considered a family tradition of yesteryears, made from honey and toasted pumpkin seeds (pepita). To prepare it, the honey is heated in a pot over medium heat, then the pepita is added until it is well incorporated, resulting in a pasty consistency. Finally, it is spread on a board, cut into medium-sized cubes, and left to cool. Visit craft fairs and events in Yucatán! Immerse yourself in exploring this and other new Yucatecan flavours. Let your taste buds embark on a sea of emotions!

Details of interest:

Includes: Products made with bee honey.
Recommendations for tourists: Consume and store at room temperature.
Payment methods: Cash and bank transfers.
Recommended for: Families, couples, and disabled individuals.
Contact: Facebook, Instagram.
Email: miel.zazil.kaab@gmail.com

Distance from Mérida to experience:


Duration of experience:

30 minutos approximately

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