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No. 346 Cheeses and Products from Sucilá

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Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado

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07:00 - 22:00

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Todo el año

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Known as the dairy basin, the municipality of Sucilá is located in the eastern coastal zone of the state, renowned for its livestock activity, especially in the production of dairy derivatives. Within the community, you can find processors run by families that transform this vital liquid, milk, into various products such as cheeses, yogurt, cream, sweets, and other products. Purchase some of these at any dairy shop in the community and let yourself be captivated by their unparalleled flavour that characterizes them. A recommended place to find good cheeses and dairy products is "El Chaparral," located along the road, conveniently accessible to different municipalities in the state. They work with milk from their own livestock in an artisanal and organic manner, producing various derivatives such as traditional cheese, queso asadero (grilling cheese), requesón (cottage cheese), and various desserts like flan, arroz con leche (rice pudding), crema española (Spanish custard), cajetas (caramel), yogurts, milkshakes, and many more. High-quality products that you must try!

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Payment methods: Cash and credit/debit cards.
Recommended for: Families, couples, and disabled visitors.


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30 minutos approximately

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