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No.002 Poc Chuc, a culinary mestizaje

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Poc Chuc is a typical dish of Yucatecan cuisine, especially from the Magical Town of Mani, although it is consumed in all regions of Yucatan since its main ingredients are pork marinated with bitter orange juice. It’s name comes from the Mayan words "pook" which means "toast" or "roast" and "chuuk" which means "charcoal"; translating to finally as roast over charcoal. This dish is accompanied with tomato sauce, roasted purple onion, habanero chilli sauce, sliced radish, cilantro, and handmade white or yellow corn tortillas. The elements that accompany this typical dish have made it an excellent example of culinary mestizaje between Mayan cuisine and European pork introduced during the conquest.

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Includes: Portion of Poc Chuc.
Tourist recommendations: We recommend enjoying this dish in Mani and taking the opportunity to visit its ex-convent of San Miguel Arcángel.

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