Riviera Yucatán

No. 030 Merengue, merengue, merengue!

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Yucatecan merengues are a dessert that you will love for their peculiar consistency of being crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside. Traditionally, those who prepare and sell these delicious typical sweets are known as "los merengueros," who curiously usually live in the interior of the state and transport themselves to the beaches to sell their sweets. The signal to find the merengueros will be to hear their typical cry from afar: "Merengue, merengue, merengue!". You will see them walking on the beach, and on their heads, they carry their tray full of Yucatecan merengues and sweets, with different flavours, textures, and colours. We recommend choosing your preferred beach and being attentive when the merengueros pass by.

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