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No. 358 Yucatecan Eggplant Cream with Edam Cheese

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Domingo, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado

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08:30 - 17:00

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$130 MXN

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The Yucatecan mutabal or eggplant cream is born from the mixture of flavours and cultures in the region. It is a representation of the presence of Lebanese gastronomy, the place of origin of mutabal.

At Hacienda Ticopó, we implement the genuine creativity of Yucatecan chefs who tastefully add representative flavours of the region, such as crunchy strips of nixtamalized corn, Edam cheese (also known as queso de bola), spices, and the use of eggplants grown in the organic garden of the Hacienda. These eggplants are pre-cooked over a wood fire before being mixed with the rest of the ingredients to create a delicious cream that invites you to experience contemporary flavours in a place that shines for its wide range of tastes, just like Yucatán.


Try this recipe at Hacienda Ticopó and Hacienda Kankabal, the place where the ingredients for this delicious dish are produced.

Details of Interest:

Recommendations for tourists: Try it alongside a refreshing house-made drink made from lemongrass, honey, and sour orange, all products harvested in the Hacienda Kankabal's garden following the Farm-to-Table concept.
Payment methods: Cash, credit card, and bank transfer.Contact: Facebook. Instagram.

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2 horas approximately

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