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No. 221 White Stuffed Turkey

Places close to the experience where you can spend the night:

Santa Elena

Days open to the public:

Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado

Schedules in which you can enjoy the experience:

09:00 - 16:00

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Months in which you can enjoy the experience:

Todo el año

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The white stuffed turkey consists of two types of meat, turkey and pork for the filling, both cooked together. The turkey is filled with a pork-based stuffing, then bathed in tomato sauce and k'ool, a white sauce made with turkey broth, flour, vinegar, saffron, lard, and salt to taste. Meanwhile, the but (a meatball of the filling) is a complement that accompanies this dish, made with pork, tomatoes, olives, capers, raisins, and chopped sweet peppers. Both are cooked in the same pot, allowing them to have an exquisite and unique flavour when combined. This dish is so delicious that you'll want to eat it more than once, and don't forget to accompany it with corn tortillas.

Details of interest:

Payment methods: Cash.
Recommended for: Families, couples, and disabled individuals.

Duration of experience:

1 hora approximately

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