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No. 186 Origin Cuisine

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11:00 - 19:00

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  • Enjoy the culinary experience

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All year long

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Experience a unique moment at the demo lesson of Mayan cuisine, roasted dishes and Píib which is given at the “Ya’axche” Ethnogastronomic Center in Halachó, Yucatán. Halachó is a municipality located one hour away from the Yucatecan capital; and it is characterized for being the main producer of habanero pepper; besides, it has a substantial number of citric fruits and vegetables producers, as well as artisans that manage huano palms.

During the lesson, you will develop skills that will provide you with an approach to the spirituality of the gastronomic culture of the western region through food. You will learn culinary techniques and will taste flavors in dishes offered by the Mayan land. Preparation of dishes is made with local products and ingredients, and they are prepared the ancient way, using a 3-stone hearth and logs, as well as the underground oven “píib”, which is unique and characteristic of the ancient cuisine. You will experience all this in an outdoors environment, as it was used to be done in the past. In the end, you will taste all the food with all your companions.

There are proper areas for the mini workshop and your visit; a dining palapa, a rural kitchen, a resting area, a harvesting area of seasonal citric fruit, and a Mayan cornfield. It is undoubtedly an experience full of legacy from the Yucatecan traditional cuisine that you cannot miss.

It includes a 45-minute demo lesson to prepare snacks, a 4-course menu (fried food, lime soup, main course cooked in the píib, cochinita, relleno negro, relleno blanco or piíbil chicken), and a dessert called offering, made with harvested products. It is recommended to wear footwear for outdoors dirt areas, comfortable clothing, repellent and sunscreen.

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3 hours approximately

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Families, friends and couples

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365 days

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