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No. 079 Colour and Spice, La Mestiza Salsa Workshop

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Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes

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09:00 - 12:00

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$250 por persona MXN

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Todo el año

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Enjoy a quality experience by making your own spicy sauce, discover the power of its ingredients, and explore different profiles in heat, flavour, and scent to become an expert on the two most representative chilli peppers in Yucatecan cuisine, the habanero chilli pepper and the xcatic chilli pepper. In the heart of the Santiago neighbourhood in Merida, you can delve into this experience accompanied by Doña Tily Cruz, who is in charge of teaching this workshop. Upon arrival, she will welcome you into her home while you head to the area where the sauces are made. The first step will be to show you the ingredients you will need to proceed with the complete preparation of the sauce. Some of the steps include scraping the chilli pepper, crushing the garlic, grinding the mixture, adding it to the previously roasted and cut onion, adding bitter orange and seasonings. To taste the sauces, you will have different "botanas" as bases at your disposal, three salty: tostadas, codzitos, and frijol, and two sweet: arepa and iswaj, so you can feel different combinations with the same sauce and choose your favourite. At the end of the workshop, you can take home some of the sauce you made, and you can also buy some to try with your favourite dishes. Do you accept the challenge? La Mestiza Sauces, has been passed down for three generations, from founder Isabel Espinosa, who decided to start with her grandmother's recipe, which combined the two most important chilli peppers in Yucatan, the habanero chilli pepper and the xcatic chilli pepper, to Doña Tily, who currently makes the six types of hot sauces with a habanero chilli pepper base, including habanero with xcatic, orange habanero, red habanero, green habanero, xcatic oil, and habanero oil.

Details of interest:

Includes: Explanation of sauce preparation, a bottle of water, and a sauce to take home.
Recommendations for tourists: Book in advance, wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes.
Minimum / maximum cap: 4 people / 10 people.
Payment methods: Cash and bank transfers.
Recommended for: Families and couples.
Contact: Facebook, Instagram, Sitio web

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Duration of experience:

1 hora y 30 minutos approximately

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