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No. 016 Mestiza de Indias, Mayan World

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San Pedro Chenchelá

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Domingo, Sábado

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Todo el año

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Mestiza de Indias is an extensive farm located very close to Espita. It is a social impact regenerative agriculture project that provides organic fruits and vegetables to some of the best restaurants in the peninsula. They have worked hand in hand with some of the best chefs in the world, rescuing endangered local species and promoting ancestral varieties discarded by the food industry. But their main mission is to promote food sovereignty, gender equity, and health in nearby communities.

At Mestiza de Indias, tours are organized through the crops where you can harvest your own seasonal exotic fruits and vegetables, to finally taste them directly from the soil or later cooked over fire or in salads. These include black carrots, Japanese cucumbers, African melons, green beans, up to 15 varieties of ancestral tomatoes, edible flowers, speckled eggplants, butter squash, among others.

By participating in this experience, visitors collaborate with the social projects that are carried out and help low-income people access a healthy and balanced diet that Mestiza de Indias provides them.

Details of Interest:

Includes: Visit, explanation, tasting, and food.
Duration of the experience: 2 hours.
Minimum/maximum cap: 1 person / 6 people.
Payment methods: Cash and transfer.
Recommended for: Families and couples.
Contacto: Facebook, Instagram, Sitio web

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Duration of experience:

2 horas approximately

Location of No. 016 Mestiza de Indias, Mayan World

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